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Hey, there!

I'm a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator, based in Bucharest, in love with Chibis, Anime&MMORPGs.

I work on a wide range of projects, in online and print, as you might see if you browse my portfolio.

Feel free to roam around and contact me if you have any questions regarding freelancing or you're in need of a designer for your projects.

Tiny bit about myself: I always loved drawing. I remember having so much patience and such a wonderful feeling while drawing my first straight lines in the kindergarten. Illustration has been my way of expressing myself since I was a kid. 

Later on, being a big fan of Sailor Moon and wanting to have the girls all for myself, I started drawing the girls using indigo paper :D. This way, in time, I started drawing my own characters, discovered the awesome community from Deviant Art and drew some more (without any help this time)

The internet started to be a big thing around my teen years, so having a lot of artists to learn from was a game changer for me.

•    •    •

During high school I started preparing myself for the architecture university I wanted to get in. I remember working a lot on technical drawings, more than I did before. It was new to me and hard to understand but it helped me a lot on my character illustrations, body shaping and placing them in a correct perspective, on the right angle.

After six years in the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, got myself some awesome skills that helped me a lot through my projects. Here I got the base of illustration, working with graphite and watercolors on architectural perspectives.

My timing improved and I figured out a schedule that could help me finish my projects in time, respecting my deadlines.

•    •    •

Since I got so many design requests during my university years, I sort of figured that I didn't want to part ways with the Adobe products, therefore when the opportunity rose, I took the job as an intern in a small&awesome agency where I grew from junior to senior web and graphic designer.

Two beautiful&fun years @Pixio got me into what I call "The dream job". I love creating, designing and finding shortcuts for users. Also love guiding open minded people who seek help for their own brand.

From 2015 I started working as a freelancer and can’t say that I want to stop any time soon. I love being challenged and to work on various projects in print and online.

Check out my portfolio and contact me if you need any of my magical skills.

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